Orange Seal Tubeless Sealant 8oz With Injector

Orange Seal Tubeless Sealant 8oz With Injector

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This item is TCS tubeless compatible.

This is our preferred and recommended sealant for the tires we stock and sell with completes. Orange Seal Tubeless Sealant with twist lock applicator tube.

Recommended sealant amount and care instructions from Orange Seal:

  • 700x23–35c: 1-2oz (Road pressure tested up to 120PSI)
  • 650b / 27.5: 3oz
  • To replace old or other sealants - We recommend opening the tire up, rinse out any sealant with a water hose, dry and remove any free-floating foreign objects. Reinstall the tire, add sealant, go ride!
  • Stains - All sealants stain. Since ours is orange it stands out a little more.  When it hits the clothes grab your water-only bottle and dilute the affected area and resume riding. When you get home, rinse again and apply your favorite pre-wash treatment (carefully read the discoloring disclaimer).
  • Valve clogsThere is no solvent or solution that will remove the dried sealant in your valve core.  We recommend replacing your valve cores or purchase our new VersaValve which comes with 2 extra valve cores.